Restore Your Facility’s Roof with Zero Downtime

You deserve a contractor you can trust to meet your exacting expectations for safety, compliance, and budgeting.




The only thing worse than production downtime caused by roof leaks is the complete shutdown associated with a total roof replacement.

You don’t have time to guess which roofing solution is right for your facility. You need data to make an informed choice and a construction partner who is an expert in your organization’s complex project processes.

Don’t risk wasting time and money on a guesswork roofing solution.

Get a data-driven plan for restoring your facility’s roof and keeping it healthy.

Your operation is simply too important to cover with anything but the best roof and a solid plan to maintain it. Here’s what 316 Construction Group offers you:

We Use Good Data

We approach your facility’s health with the same safety and data-driven processes that you use in your organization. That’s how we give you and your team a solid plan for restoring and maintaining your roof with zero downtime.

Your Processes Are Ours

Our experience with industrial and commercial facilities ensures that your projects are compliant and within budget. Most importantly, your team members remain safe, and you won’t be alone in navigating the process.

Predict Costs and Win

You allocate resources for dozens of projects within your company. Keeping your facility’s roof healthy is only one of those so we help you predict costs with good data. You’ll be the forward thinker who is known for managing your facility well.

We’re like you — we approach your facility’s health with the same safety and data-driven processes that you use in your business.

Our industrial and commercial clients trust our validated roofing process. We help you organize the project, coordinate the team members, and form a predictable budget. In short, we’ll help you permanently solve your roofing problem.

We are your expert roofing partner.

We focus on the root cause of your roof problem first so we can provide roofing options that fit perfectly into your organization’s project evaluation environment. We use the same processes for safety, compliance, and budgeting you’re used to.


Our data-driven GIPPER Process makes life easier for you.

Using good data from our comprehensive analysis process, we help you through every step of your organization’s project evaluation process. Simply put, you won’t find another contractor better-suited to these rigorous production environments.

Our GIPPER Process means:

  • Good data & understanding through physical and technological investigation.
  • Understanding all your options for roofing solutions.
  • Trust us to manage communication and compliance.
  • An accurate budget that maximizes your resources.

We believe your work is critically important. So we believe you deserve the best from us.


We believe in doing the right thing. You won’t find a roofing contractor more willing to consult with you in every step of compliance, safety, and budgeting.


We believe quality data helps drive good decisions. Your operation-critical decisions should only be made with all the correct information at your fingertips.


We believe in work that lasts. Our roof restoration process uses good data to give you predictable costs that help you budget and plan. 

Clients just like you have this to say about their partnership with 316 Construction Group:

"I have to say it was the best morning safety briefing that I have been apart of that a contractor has facilitated. I am very impressed not only with the communication they have, but also safety conscious work ethic. This is bar far one of the best roofing outfits that I have ever worked with."

Construction Safety Lead

"In our safety driven, manufacturing world, the 316CG team delivers! So many excellent adjectives could be used to describe but flexible, supportive, and knowledgeable are a great start!"

Construction Project Lead

"I have mentioned this several times but wanted you to know how much I appreciate the efforts of your crew for the attention to detail when it comes to safety. It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of people, they are second to none. Excellent team you have put together!"

Safety Management Coordinator

You need a partner to address the health of your facility’s roof while there’s still time.

You’ve heard this story before… Weather hits again and roof leaks cause your production to grind to a halt. You’re ready to move forward with a better plan than just another round of quick fixes. So you need a contractor you can trust who’s willing to engage in your company’s complex project processes.

But that’s the problem — most contractors don’t want to work within your organizational structure of compliance, budget, and safety so you’re left alone in trying to jump hurdles to finally restore the roof properly.

You deserve to work with a contractor you can trust to engage the complexity.

We’re like you; we approach your facility’s health with the same safety and data-driven processes that you use in your business. That’s why our manufacturing clients trust our validated roofing process — it helps you predict costs and gives you a plan to permanently solve your roofing problem.

We’ll help you avoid shutting down production to replace your roof and instead restore your facility’s health with zero downtime.